I Like Your Smile

Greetings bloggers, on the occasion of a lonely Saturday night and this silent, bang dadan write an article but not a tutorial or a tips and tricks, melaikan will devote a mood that has been long buried. and on this blog will bang dadan tracing ink wonderful history in my personal life. maybe this is just a regular paper liver expression of a man who does not dare to say anything. something that is so difficult for me to express it.

I Like Your Smile

Smile, sometimes able to make people can feel happiness, joy, and even some who feel let down. First time I've known you, begins with a smile that you scatter each encounter us, and it makes me feel happy sangant and senyumu always pervaded my mind. however, this smile was hard to decipher, because the behavior or personality of a person exists that can not be interpreted only with a smile.

But the feeling is very different to my usual day, the smile that you always give to me, as if to provide excitement and motivation for me to be strong in life. your smile so beautiful and I love the feeling of your smile is particularly also want to have a heart.

A smile is so beautiful, plus faces and dazzling appearance, as if you're like an angel coming down from heaven to seven. Unfortunately the heart is not able to say hello and get to know more, because maybe at this point I have not dared to see.

But I believe if time has brought us together, will definitely tell all this to the whole world baha I do not just love your smile, but also loving heart.

May you always smile at each scatter my days, which always possessed the soul and mind that brings the goodness and happiness to my life someday.
Because I really wish you with all my soul.
Thank you for the beautiful smile you've given to me, hopefully what I expected, it will become a reality.
I like to smile and I love you.
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